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The Ouija Billboards: "Fame"

Today we sat down with a new dope up and coming artist who goes by the name of “Fame”. We heard about him and his music and decided to see what the buzz was about about. Take a look.

Us: So tell us about yourself? and what you do.

Fame: 21 Yr Old Artist From Cinnaminson , Trying To Change The Stereotype for Hip Hop Artists in NJ , Really Concentrating on Making Good Music That isnt Classified in Todays Genres …Im Also A Part of The Management Group and Movement Called SpaceCamp , Which we look for upcoming Artists Like Myself to Join and Collaborate with who Love Music and are Starving for Success.

Us: Whats your main focus you want your new fans to know about you and how are you trying to accomplish that?

Fame: Biggest thing for me when it comes to new fans is getting them to Relate to the music and getting a sense of who I am as an artist and a person . Im Constantly Promoting on Social Networks , Blogs and Youtube To Widen the Platform For Fans who are Trying To Reach Me or My Music.

Us: As an artist what are the concepts of your songs and what subjects do you talk about?

Fame: There are a Wide base of Concepts and Subjects in my songs , everything from Talks of revolution within Society , Government and Church . To Views on Relationships and Daily Lifestyles . At The End of the day Im just trying to Relay my Lifetime Experiences in a way that someone who doesn't know me or my story can relate .

Us: What producers do you work with and what kinda sound do you look for?

Fame: The Main Producers I’ve Worked with are Jet Jones, A Jones (Militia)  , And R-five Fiyah being The most Recent one I plan to stay with . When looking for a sound it's about the feeling the track gives you when its played . When you get a sound that automatically puts the listener in a certain state of mind its easy to feed off that in the creative process of making a song .

Us: Are all these producers in house or apart of your SpaceCamp movement?

Fame: Jet Jones is SpaceCamp , A Jones is a good friend of mine but is apart of the Militia Movement . R-five Fiyah is a new Producer I have been linking up with and he Produced The “Booty Like a Magnet “ song , “Clockin” by Joey Jihad and other projects with Mike Knox and other Artists .

Us: Okay, so tell everybody a little bit about SpaceCamp and who is apart of that movement.

Fame: SpaceCamp Movement Comes down to being Above the Stress and B.S of the Everyday drama you go through and see on television. We believe in a Higher Level of Living , Which in Sense means Striving to Be The Best in everything and anything we do . Right now Our Camp is about 20 members Deep with 5 of them Being Part of The Music aspect of it. We plan on growing to about triple that size by the year end with new Artists and Producers , Once a few more Projects are Completed. A few Names such as Co Star , Jimmys D’s , Jet Jones, Dante , Trell , Juice, and Gene are Big Contributors  To The Movement Also.

Us: Are there any artists that you would like to work with? Either local or industry?

Fame: No Offense to any Local Artist but Not Many Really Stand out as “Must Work With” Quality but Mike Zombie is Definitely One I have wanted to work with for some time now . Industry artists..... I Would Really Like to Get on a Track With Kendrick Lamar and The Black Hippie Movement. I Really Respect Their approach and Concepts.

Us: Dope. So how would you explain your sound?

Fame: Good Music …. Might Sound Cliche but  Thats What I Strive for with every session , whether writing or recording .So at the End of the Day when you hear my sound for the first time ,  That's The Point Im Really trying to Drive Home.

Us: So where do you see yourself as a artist and SpaceCamp in 5 years?

Fame: I See Us as a Household Name and On Top Of the Music Industry . Anything else would be Settling , So as you See are Goals are Set High with Expectations even Higher. But Before That Happens We Take it one day at a Time Trying to Become Better Today then we were Yesterday.

Us: So What Projects do you have coming up?

Fame: I Have my Mixtape Dropping Before the End of Summer , Video shoots coming this Fall, and Some Shows I Plan on Performing  between now and the end of the year if everything goes right..... Until then just trying a bunch of different promotional Strategies to get the music out there at a local and national level to be heard.

Us: Alright we appreciate you sitting down with us and telling us about yourself and the whole SpaceCamp. Now just let the people know where they can get in touch with you and listen to your music.

Fame: Follow me on Twitter @To_Young_2_Quit
-Youtube - JoJo Rhoades
-Facebook - Jo Rhoades Jo
-Email -
-Soundcloud - Fame NJ

Thank You For your time and This Opportunity

Us: No doubt we look forward to hearing more from you.


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