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First Annual 2012 #CuffingSeasonDraft

With cold weather and booty shorts getting tucked away in exchange for UGG boots and warmer garments, there is a thing outchea we call cuffing. Getting that one significant other to be yours for the season, or if you get caught "slipping" a bit longer. Well during one night of third shift Twitter the 3 prosper seeking coons @MRMAHER (we know he's white), @khaaliq16 and @MikeZombie churned up the idea to have the first ever 2012 gem dropping #CuffingSeasonDraft. Last night made a mark in history. This draft was to 1 pass our fellow thirsty niggas dope twitter chicks that we most likely don't tweet cause niggas be out here stealing followers in these tweets. And more importantly make twitter fun again. With @Shad_Dolla as the host straight David Sterning shit, feelings got hurt, dope chicks got followed, niggas came up, niggas prospered and my nigga that shit was hilarious. Rules where basically no celebrity bitches, 10 rounds and the coon with the least followers gets 1st pick. So here are some of the highlights and picks of the first ever. 2012 #CuffingSeasonDraft.

Commentation by @Shad_Dolla.

He begins (In mid ramble)

"*clears throat* Excuse me friends, coons, & constituents of the TL may I have your attention please. The  will now begin During these trying times of the fall and winter season us men tend to have certain instincts that begin to kick in. Some call it “Cuffing” Tonight I present to you 3 of my peers , my white hombre n fellow  member  all of whom are lonely But tonight that will change. The 3 gentlecoons I named have all submitted to me their personal picks for this years But before I announce the choices let me just let you niggaa kno that I WILL be following all of these women after this shit is over bruh But with no further interruptions let me proceed.."

Round 1

"With the 1st pick… the 1st ever…. . selects……*takes 1 last hit of the blunt*….. !!!"

@MRMAHER "   Solid pick!!"

@MikeZombie "Shit."

@Shad_Dolla "Excuse me  please come forward and explain to us why you selected  with ur 1st overall pick"

@khaaliq16 "  well in my recruiting of this this was a no brainer .. I mean, just look at er man"

@Shad_Dolla "  yes yes I agree she is very dope indeed. Very solid pick"

@xoim_sweetxo " lol u funny"

@Shad_Dolla "With the 2nd pick…in the ….. selects…*opens envelope* Oh my sweet baby jesus…"

@MikeZombie "OH GAWD *@BigSean Voice*"

@Shad_Dolla "Them titties them titties them got damn ti….*clears throat* I mean please explain why u made ur choice"

@MikeZombie ""

@Shad_Dolla "Yup very valid reason *daps*I’m over here sweating bruh RT : "

@khaaliq " very nice pic bro very nice pic"

@MRMAHER "You gotta slide in them DMs "

And BEFORE his first pick is even announced @MRMAHER states "My first pick is my boo"

@Shad_Dolla "With the 3rd pick….in the 2012 …. Mecalhly Caulkin I mean  selects…..  !!!!"

We'll just reference one of @MRMAHER's tweets to this pic.

"I'm crying. Someone slid this in my DM..... "

and he also stated "I'm like the Patriots drafting Tom Brady in the 6th round."

Round 2

@Shad_Dolla "Overall consensus is that wasnt a very strong pick by Matthew the pale. Hopefully his later picks get him back into a winning position AND With the 1st pick….in the 2nd round of the 2012  selects….*does Harlem shake*… !!!"

@Lyric_A " I'm real lost please fill me in lOl"

@Shad_Dolla " we’re hosting a  n u were selected by. Oh yea now following"

@khaaliq16 " man I been thirsting over  since I followed her back in 2011"

@MikeZombie "Watch This.. RT : Zombie better cum correct"

@Shad_Dolla "With the 2nd pick….in the 2nd round of the 2012….  selects….smhhhh this nigga is NOT playing… "

@MikeZombie "*Lil Mouse Money Dances Down  TL*"

@Shad_Dolla "Zombie might have just stole the momentum with that pick…claaaawd ham mercy"

@MikeZombie "L M F A O RT : Bitch ass Zombie stole one of my picks. Smfh"

@khaaliq16 "Sheeeeeeeesh

@Shad_Dolla "Matt needs to pull a rabbit outta the hat or a bad bitch outta his followers list shit he might gotta do both at dis point Shit is real bruh"

@Shad_Dolla "With the 3rd pick….in the 2nd round of the 2012….  selects…..sheesh *wipes forehead*….. !!!"

@Shad_Dolla "Lightskin for the win"

@MRMAHER " Lmao. You killed me with your second pick. I had to audible"

@Shad_Dolla "Lmfaoooooooooooooooo RT : Her Name Is Marissa.. Solid Pick Tho.."

Round 3

With the 1st pick…in the 3rd round of the 2012…  selects.. .. 

@MikeZombie"RT : Like that was really suppose to help."

@Shad_Dolla "*throws flag* nah explain this pick bruh bruh"

@MRMAHER "X____X RT :  catch her in person everybody .. she badd as hell , I'm sticking to it with no regrets"

 "Hungry bitches <<"

@Shad_Dolla "With the 2nd pick…in the 3rd round of the 2012…  selects…Smh killin it dogg..  !!!"

@Shad_Dolla "Zombie alley-oooping some 5 stars b"

@DukeFellington "Zombie outchea givn a real nigga hope!"

@MikeZombie "Her Instagram In Her Bio.. Swag Out Fellas.."

@MRMAHER "I like her face."

@Shad_Dolla " RT : Niggas ain't drafting darkies?"

RT : What are you nuts? RT : Niggas ain't drafting darkies?

@Khaaliq16 " hey boo can I pick you on my team?"

(@Khaaliq16 reflecting on life.)

@Shad_Dolla "With the 3rd pick in the 3rd round of the 2012   selects she might’ve jus took 2nd place wit this."

@MRMAHER "Swish!!"

@MikeZombie "Fresh From Liking Her Instagram Pics..  Good One.."

@Shad_Dolla "I like Matt’s pick. Nobody’s perfect n 86% of you bitches I follow got big foreheads so let’s not pass judgement"

@MikeZombie "RT :  Just Got Out The Fuckin Paint Lmfao !"

Round 4

@Shad_Dolla "With the 1st pick in the 4th round of the 2012 .. selects…u need a big round here fam.. !!!!"

@MikeZombie "She's A Milf.. Gotta Visit That Instagram First.. RT : How yaw feel about that pick?"

@Shad_Dolla "Zombie challenging everything lmao"

@Shad_Dolla "VERY good pick. That jus salvaged  some respect n definitely put u back in the game. Still down to zombie big time but great pick"... "I’m seeing some gems left on the draft board. U heauxs who anticipated being top picks that aint get scooped yet gotta sit in the green room"

@MRMAHER "Yall swiping my followers to use as picks!? Incredible"

@Khaaliq "I'm sweating in here boy"

@Shad_Dolla "With the 2nd pick in the 4th round of the 2012 .. selects..he ain’t givin y’all NO chances.."

@Sometwitterbroad "Ohhhh man. She looks like Jhene Aiko. Y’all other niggas don’t have a chance now. Lol."

Crowd: "Zombie for 3!!!!"
"in  this nigga  is fuckin WINNIN bra "

@MikeZombie "Your One Of My Candidates For Cuffing Season.. RT:   wtf is goin on lol"

@Shad_Dolla "Zombie got the dope gems BUT none are local..we must take this into consideration also.  n ’s are."

@MRMAHER "She's bad but not local so I'm not following."

minutes later tweets "Bouta hijack Zombies last pick."

@Shad_Dolla "With the 3rd pick in the 4th round of the 2012  selects… "

@Shad_Dolla "Matt last pick is fuckin BADDDDD dog"

@MikeZombie "She Is But She Look Like Spam.. I Want A Review.. RT: Matt last pick is fuckin BADDDDD dog"

@Shad_Dolla "Lmfaooooooo Zombie challenges all of Matt’s picks lmfaoooo"

Round 5 

@Shad_Dolla "With the 1st pick in the 5th round of ..whos currently in twitterjail for his 3rd pick. Selects"

@MikeZombie "Out Here Tryna Save These Hoes Smh.. RT : "Currently in twitter jail for his 3rd pick" lmaoooooo"

@Shad_Dolla "*blows whistle* FLAG i need to see some got damn identification from that last pick b. Chris hanson will not be interviewing me b"

Meanwhile... @MRMAHER " Smh you followed all them filthy bastards except me. You won't be disappointed by my tweets"

@MikeZombie "ATTENTION:  Will Be Going Into An Intermission Cause Twitter Wanna Hold Us Back.. We Will Be Back At 10:45 RT Please.. Twitter Jail Wont Hold Us Back.. We Back At It 10:45 Dog.."

@Shad_Dolla "*clears throat* Now…where was i before we went into a temporary lockout Ahhh yes. The 2nd pick in the 5th round i believe"

Crowd: "This draft made my year b."
"Whoever idea this was deserves some kind of award!"

@Shad_Dolla "With the 2nd pick in the 5th round of the 2012….  selects..  !!"

@MikeZombie "Her Instagram.. Just Flawless Mayne.. RT : Care to explain this pick bro  ? Good pick by the way

@Barbiewithabenz "   I'm done! LOL"

@Khaaliq16 "Mother Bumbaclott !" ... "Hold up fam RT : Can y'all just give lil bro the trophy already!!"

@Shad_Dolla "Zombies 5th round pick is very solid. Nice avi pose, smooth light skin. White iPhone visible, clean mirror. Yea she’s a gem"..."Its a lot of behind the scenes scrambling n last minute changing wit these  picks. Niggas flip flopping HEAVY right now b"

@Shad_Dolla "With the 3rd pick in the 5th round of the 2012  selects…  !!!"

@Shad_Dolla "All cotton my nigga. All. Fuckin. Nylon RT : Kevin Durant swish right there."

@MikeZombie "Good Lawd.."..." RT : When you get it .. pass it my way RT : Imma Need Her Instagram.. Thanks.."

@Shad_Dolla "Zombie got the crowd behind him but Matt aint laying down like no punk. And Khaaliq still got some potential gems in the tuck.. Ayo nah yo Before i announce the next pic lemme go slither over to instagram and empty this clip of likes into that account right quick"

Round 6

@Shad_Dolla "With the 1st pick in 6th round of the 2012  selects… "

Tweets Of The Night: 

@khaaliq16: "Nah?"

@Khaaliq16 " aye man I'd like a redo .. any way I can get one? I don't like what's happening here"

@Shad_Dolla ""

@MikeZombie "Nope" 

@MRMAHER "X________X"

Crowd: "Cummm onnnn!!! * throws beer "
: About to mute 

@MikeZombie "Bitch Face Was A Yard Long.."

@Shad_Dolla "LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO i jus received this via text"

@Shad_Dolla "Khaaliq cuffing candidates out here looking stressful n malnourished bruh, somebody please get these bitches a sandwich n a quarter water"

@khaaliq16 "Lmao should I just quit?"

@MikeZombie " Last Pick Shorty Need A Burger And Some Backshots"

@MikeZombie "Niggas Asking For Mulligans Lmfaoo.. My Stomach Hurt.."

 @Shad_Dolla "She look like she got a dick n 4 kids"

@MikeZombie "LMFAOO ! RT :  how you doin tonight sir I'm security and I'm here to escort you out to your car."

  @Shad_Dolla " please enter ur new candidate within 5 minutes or we gone have to replace u wit a egg avi"

@MikeZombie "Lmfao.. It's Mad "I Should've Been It Tweets" Right Now.."

@Shad_Dolla With the NEW 1st pick in the 6th round of the 2012…smh this nigga man..  selects..

"Noone commented on this."

@Shad_Dolla "With the 2nd pick in the 6th round of the 2012 .. selects..  !!"

@MikeZombie "<--------Randy Redbone Moss.."

@Shad_Dolla "Solid pic for zombie. Cute. Definitely not as dope as his previous gems but still a solid choice. The right pic reminds me of salami box tho Lightskin for the win again"

@MRMAHER "Mikes a cheating bastard"

@MikeZombie "*Harlem Shakes* RT : Wow! Mike's shorties are kayuuuuuuute!!!!!"

@Shad_Dolla "With the 3nd pick in the 7th round of the 2012….  selects….  !!!"

@MRMAHER "Local.... Yup"

@MikeZombie "Nappy Ass Eyebrows.. Good Pick.. *Daps*"

@MRMAHER " RT : I Had To Throw Some Type Of Shade..."

@Shad_Dolla "matt is stealing the momentum from zombie. His last 2 picks now have him in a virtual tie after Zombie looked like the clear winner earlier It seems like  chicks are the safe choice for the panel members because we havent seen a dope brownskin gem since the 3rd round.....N darkskin bitches were never in the equation"

@khaaliq16 "By me! RT : Don't call it a comeback"

Round 7

@Shad_Dolla "With the 1st pick in the 7th round of the 2012  hastraded his rights to  n selects"

@khaaliq16 "   WHOA WHOA"

@Shad_Dolla "Shit just got authenticated b"

@Khaaliq "I just got violated real heavy smh RT : The Fuck Just Happened Here ?"

@Khaaliq "Nah my assistant coach James came to help lol RT : Wait Niggas Just Kicked  Out The Lmao.. OUCH.."

@MRMAHER "Me and Shad cooking something up on the low"

@MikeZombie "LMFAO YO ! You CANNOT Do This ! RT : NO SIR … the fuck you will NOT"

@MikeZombie "CMOOOON Man.. RT : "

@Shad_Dolla "Its filth behind the scenes, so much politics n slithering goes into these picks"

As Twitter jail held us back. We decided to finish the next 3 rounds starting with @MikeZombie's next pick. To find out what @Shad_Dolla was in a frenzy about and what him and @MRMAHER were "cooking up". Tune in tonight at 8pm again for the wrap of 2012's first EVER #CuffingSeasonDraft. Make sure you stop by the "Dead Clothing" section of the site and support the site by purchasing a "Controversy" Tee.


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